The Perfect Disney Bra

No matter how old I get, I will never stop loving Disney. 

When I first went to Disney World I was 20-years-old. I was immediately taken aback by the magic, joy and wonderment. But trips to Disney aren’t all Mickey waffles and churros. There is some serious packing, planning, and executing that need to be done to ensure that you have the most magical time. 

My biggest advice? 

Plan your pack. Know the weather ahead of time (spoiler alert: it will probably rain at least once, so bring a poncho), but also know yourself. Are you someone who gets too hot? Who packs too much? Who isn’t comfortable in the same clothes for long periods of time? 

I am all of those kinds of people.

While my packing skills are much improved, (because otherwise I wouldn’t have room for souvenirs) I still struggle with what to wear on park days. I’m not a Pinterest park model, but I won’t schlep around in just any Disney shirts either. That said, no matter what I’m wearing at Disney, I need my Vai Athletica utility bra. 

Vai Athletica

The perfect Disney bra is definitely Vai Athletica. The model in the photo is a Black woman wearing the dusty rose utility bra from Vai Athletica.
Photo from Vai Athletica.

Vai Athletica bras, with their many pockets, are essential for a successful park day. Whether you’re someone who wears pants, dresses or someone who rarely has access to pockets of any kind, you’re going to thank me. Especially in tank top weather, the easy access side pockets are so handy for taking photos of the castle. Especially while hustling over to Pirates of the Caribbean before the wait time gets longer. 

Even if I go to the parks 100 times I will always have more things to take pictures of or just need to check showtimes. So my phone is my best park friend while my utility bra is my right hand.

It might look a little silly to be pulling a phone out from near my underarm or my shoulders. I’m okay with that. Being a little silly while being at Disney is an added bonus, right?

The next time you head to Orlando, Anaheim, Tokyo, Paris or any of the other Disney parks, make sure you pack a Vai utility bra for those long days.

You might want to store your annual pass in a secret side pocket so you never miss out on those AP discounts throughout the parks. (10% at some food locations, 20% merchandise and 20% at Joffrey’s because coffee is my everything.) 

If you’ve got both hands free you have double the space for Mickey pretzels. And that’s a compromise I’m always willing to make. 

See you real soon!


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