Women’s Minimalist Packing List

As we see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, some folks might be planning future adventures. As we head back out into the world, things have changed and how we pack needs to change as well. Whether, like me, you’re a hand sanitizer user for life or you’re just looking for more ways to stay fierce at home or abroad, here are some recommendations for a women’s minimalist packing list

Buddha Pants

Flowery jumpsuit from Buddha Pants to ad to your packing list.
Photo from Buddha Pants

I am an absolute jumpsuit convert. Before the pandemic, I was several pounds lighter and never liked the idea of jumpsuits or rompers because they didn’t fit my short, curvy body. Enter Buddha Pants. Their clothes are made for a variety of bodies, they’re comfy and they fold up to fit into their own pocket! This eco-friendly company needs to be on radars everywhere–you won’t regret it. 

No Knot Jewelry Holder

A no-knot jewelry holder with cherry blossoms to add to your packing list.
Photo from No Knot

I’ve never been great at remembering to pack jewelry. When I do bring jewelry, however, I end up not wearing them because they’re tangled up. Travel jewelry holders are usually bulky and a pain to pack, but the No Knot holder is amazing. A petite, roll-up fabric holder makes the nightmare of untangling jewelry at a hotel a thing of the past. Plus you can’t beat the adorable patterns!

Nakie Hammocks

A turquoise hammock from Nakie Hammocks.
Photo from Nakie Hammock

Now that so many of us have become closer to the nature we need to love and protect, Nakie Hammocks are the best accessory to enjoy the outdoors. Not only do they plant 4 trees for purchase, but each hammock is made from approximately 37 recycled bottles. You can relax knowing that you chose to protect Mother Earth which should make your relaxation all the more joyous. 

Urban Undercover

A super comfortable grey travel wrap from Urban Undercover to add to your packing list.
Photo from Urban Undercover

Wanderlusters know better than anyone how important it is to find clothes that are comfy, durable, versatile, and pack well. Urban Undercover has you covered. Not only are their pieces wrinkle-resistant, but they’re also wearable in several ways (particularly the travel wrap) and eco-friendly. The wrap, for example, is made of ultra-sustainable bamboo which is easier to maintain and grow than its cotton counterpart. I am obsessed with my Urban Undercover travel wrap. Plus it’s perfect for women’s minimalist packing lists because it’s so functional!


A black Honeylove shapewear.
Photo from Honeylove

Shapewear is the bane of my existence. I’ve never enjoyed wearing it, I don’t like supporting the idea that any of us are “imperfect.” But I also am a woman with curves, I need something on my legs to protect myself from the dreaded “chub rub.” After discovering Honeylove I don’t hold a grudge against shapewear anymore. Their pieces are comfy, supportive and the company is all about body positivity. There are more inclusive sizes with Honeylove than other shapewear companies and they come in a variety of shades. Enjoy the freedom to wear what you like and love what you wear with these easily packable shape pieces. 

Airplane Pocket

A hygienic Airplane Pocket on the back of a plane seat.
Photo from Airplane Pocket

My mama taught me to wipe down tray tables long before the Covid-19 pandemic struck. It’s a habit I’ll continue long after we resume a sense of normalcy. Airplane cleanliness is something I’m always suspicious of and Airplane Pockets make it safer, more ecological, and hygienic to use your tray tables in the sky. The pocket fits right over your tray table, has tons of pockets for storage and easy access, and (when you’re done with your adventure) you can toss the pocket in with your laundry. These functional pieces are a must-have for fellow airplane germ hunters like myself. 


Cozy camping themed Lavley socks to add to your packing list.
Photo from Lavley

Whether you’re packing for your next getaway right now or just dreaming up a new globetrotting adventure, Lavley has something for you. Lavley carries socks for all kinds of different people. These cozy, cute socks are just what you need whether you’re in Bali or your backyard. Their socks are durable, comfy, and ready to go with you wherever–even if it’s just to the fridge and back. 


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