Gifts for Airplane Lovers

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Frequent travelers are always so hard to shop for, but fear not! We’ve rounded up the best gifts for airplane lovers of all kinds. There are sure to be pieces here for the special person in your heart.


If your traveler is like me and drinks their weight in coffee every day but hates instant, Steeped will be their new best friend. Steeped coffee comes in tea bags for easy caffeination on the go. This coffee might be fast, but it’s not stale or funky tasting like my arch-nemesis instant coffee.

California Blend Medium Roast Steeped Coffee
Photo from Steeped Coffee

At Home with Ray

A luxurious, fashion-forward traveler will appreciate the scarves and other gorgeous silk products from At Home with Ray. Their pieces are so luscious they will remember you every time they wear their scarves out and about. Plus traveling with scarves or wraps makes dressing up a casual outfit a breeze.

A scarf from At Home with Ray - gifts for airplane lovers.
Photo from At Home with Ray


I’ve written about my Stojo, collapsible, travel coffee cup before. I adore them. They’re an easy way to be environmentally minded on the go, plus they are easy to clean. I recommend Stojos to everyone. They even have other collapsible products now too like water bottles and snack boxes.

Lagoon 12 oz cup - gifts for airplane lovers.
Photo from Stojo

Portable Battery Charger

I can’t go on trips without a portable battery charger any more. I’m addicted to them. I specifically love my Anker Powerhouse charger which is powerful enough to charge my laptop for a few hours, but less pricy chargers get the job done too if you just need to keep your phone alive.

Anker charger - gifts for airplane lovers.
Photo from Anker

Travel Backpack

A good travel backpack will be your best friend. I love any pack that has a luggage strap to hang onto your suitcase as you’re running through the airport. I don’t mind wearing a backpack but I never want to go back to lugging stuff. My rolling carry-on bag can do the job for me, right?

Travel backpack - gifts for airplane lovers.
Photo by Matein

Passport Holder

I am so worried about wrecking my passport, I need to keep it in a passport holder. Being able to have my passport and paperwork in their own little holder is a good alternative to shoving my passport into my backpack which is essentially a black hole.

Passport cover - gifts for airplane lovers.
Photo from Pascacoo

Travel Umbrella

I adore rainy places. So much so that travel umbrellas have become a weird niche of mine. You know I won’t be caught in an Irish rainstorm without one. Except for that one time when I did–never again.

Travel umbrella in black
Photo from SY Compact

Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

I know, packing cubes aren’t much of a packing secret at this point. That said, I’ve learned that, like toilet paper, it’s often better to value quality over price. Good, sturdy packing cubes like the variety from Eagle Creek will help you pack more efficiently than cheap ones. Really cheap ones won’t hold your stuff in a nice shape and the zipper will probably give out.

Packing cubes from Eagle Creek - gifts for airplane lovers.
Photo from Eagle Creek

Train Case

Especially if I’m not traveling with just a carry-on or if I’m going somewhere by train or car, I am smitten with my train case. It fits all my beauty and skin products in it and mine even hangs from the wall so I can see everything I’ve packed in it in one tidy spot. I absolutely endorse train cases of all kinds, plus they’re really cute.

Train case from Scunci - gifts for airplane lovers.
Photo from Scunci

Silk Eye Mask

Silk eye masks are just the best. Whenever I travel I have a hard time falling asleep in new places (or planes) and my silk eye mask is so comfortable. I prefer it to the odd 3D foam masks, but a lot of folks I know love those too. Either way, eye masks are where it’s at.

silk eye mask - gifts for airplane lovers.
Photo from VÉNERA

Migraine Stick

Home or on the go, I always have a backup migraine stick with me. If your traveler is a frequent headache or migraine sufferer, these can be the difference between a wasted day on a trip or getting out and seeing the sights. Migraine Sticks are like gold.

Migraine stick - gifts for airplane lovers.
Photo from Basic Vigor

Vai Athletica

Every traveler that wears a bra deserves to have a Vai Athletica utility bra. They are a marvel for traveling, especially if you’re wearing tank tops and you don’t have big pant pockets. The side pockets in Vai Athletica bras are so functional and I personally adore them (plus I own one in every color).

Vai Athletica bra in blue
Photo from Vai Athletica


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