What to Pack for New York in April

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Instagram would lead you to believe that everyone in New York City looks and dresses like a model. So if you’re visiting the city what the heck do you wear? Here’s a suggestion of what to pack for New York in April! (When weather is super variable)

If there is one thing I can teach anyone about visiting New York City, it’s this: be comfy. Over the course of my weekend in NYC in October (another temperamental time for weather) I walked nearly 70,000 steps (that’s 35 miles) without even realizing it. That’s even more than venturing around New Orleans! You just walk everywhere in New York, how else can you experience the city?

While I was there, of course, I went to Broadway! I had to see Thoughts of a Colored Man and Is This a Room? which were both spectacular. But, when you’re spending the day trekking through Manhattan, you need some versatility in your wardrobe. 

How should you dress in NYC? Comfort, style or both? In this photo you can see the straps of my Vai Athletica bra that I wore on a trip while I'm sitting in the United Club Lounge. Here is what to pack for New York in April.
I even wear my Vai Athletica bra when trying to fit in with fancy people in the United Club Lounge. (The business suited gentleman behind me was not amused by my selfie moment. So I cropped him out.)

Enter Vai Athletica stage right!

Not only are the Vai Athletica utility bras comfortable for hours on end, they’re not bulky like some other sports bras can be. So you can wear them under a variety of clothes, even your sporty looks for the theater. I still absolutely endorse dressing for comfort though, walking in the city can be sweaty, stinky and cumbersome if you prioritize fashion over function. Especially in spring, this is something you’ll want to pack for New York in April.

I promise no one will judge you for wearing joggers and a sweatshirt when you’re doing touristy things in Times Square. Have you seen the off-brand superheroes and Mickey Mouse? You’ll be more fashionable, I guarantee it. Honestly, the Empire State Building viewing platform looks the same whether you’re wearing designer or denim, so you might as well not hate what you’re wearing after 14 hours of sightseeing. 

When you are inevitably starving by 6 p.m., do yourself a favor and hop over to Junior’s to get yourself some cheesecake. The slices are big enough that they should count as a meal. If you’re still hungry there are a million food carts around the city. It’s almost as if NYC has a food inspired nickname of some kind.

Quick word of advice

If you’re seeing NYC for the first time, and you aren’t used to the hustle of a major city, take a deep breath before walking into Downtown. You’ll probably be surrounded by throngs of people trying to get somewhere in a hurry (or not). So, pay attention and don’t cause a foot traffic jam. When it comes to taking in your surroundings, step out of the river of people. Not only will you feel less stressed, you’ll also have a moment to digest the sprawling metropolis around you.

NYC is a helluva town. The marquee lights of Broadway always get me. My heart may be in Chicago, but that doesn’t make New York’s lights shine any less brightly. 

OH. And if you see Lin-Manuel Miranda traipsing around the city, wave at him for me okay?


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