Go It Alone: U.S. Solo Travel Cities

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Traveling on your own when you’re a solo female traveler can be scary. I get it. We’ve been socialized from birth to know that being on our own isn’t always ideal. But it can also be one of the most freeing experiences if you have the tools you need to succeed!

Especially if you aren’t from a city, the idea of wandering a metropolis by yourself can be daunting. But these solo travel cities are well-equipped to take care of female travelers just trying to exercise their wanderlust.

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I’m definitely biased, but my heart city of Chicago is one of the best places for a solo traveler. Not only are we a pretty safe spot, we’ve also got that Midwestern niceness going for us. Sure, folks downtown might walk faster than an out-of-towner, however that doesn’t mean we’re scary!

While you’re here, be sure to check out some of my favorite spots:

Door County

Although it isn’t technically a city, Door County in Wisconsin deserves a solo travel cities shoutout. If you need a relaxing escape from life, especially if you’re a singular traveler, this unique stretch of land in Wisconsin is a dream. You can easily stay busy for a long weekend or hide out in a cozy cabin among the natural beauty Door County has to offer.

Don’t forget to grab some cherries. (You’re welcome.)

Washington, D.C.

The nation’s capital with its myriad museums, monuments and tours is a great spot to visitor solo. Particularly for my fellow history nerds who love to drag companions along to museums everywhere they go, you’ll have no shortage of sites to see. Plus, if you visit during cherry blossom season, you can capture all those gorgeous blossom selfies!

If you want some off-the-beaten-path museum recommendations, we’ve got you:

New York City

To no one’s surprise, NYC ranked #1 in both solo female and LGBTQIA+ solo travel cities in a survey conducted by Vacation Renter of 1,000 solo travelers. This major metropolitan area is home to tons of things one can enjoy solo, Broadway notwithstanding. Whether you’re a shopper, theater fan, or just love to see the creepy off-brand costume characters in Times Square, NYC is always a popular spot for good reason.

Why not take yourself on a boat tour? You deserve it!

New Orleans

Maybe not during Mardi Gras, but New Orleans is one of my favorite cities to visit. The food alone is well worth the journey, but the camaraderie you’re bound to make as a solo adventurer makes NOLA an especially special place. If you are a fan of spooky places, definitely get down to New Orleans if you haven’t. Night tours and cemetery tours are prime.

Some experiences that are uniquely NOLA:

Las Vegas

One of the U.S. cities that never sleeps, Vegas always has something going on to keep even the pickiest traveler entertained. From shows to slot machines and way too many fancy drinks, Vegas can be a group destination as well as a solo spot. Sin City is versatile enough to be safe and interesting enough for a single traveler to enjoy.

Why not lost for a while in the bright lights of bygone days at the Neon Museum?


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