75+ Las Vegas Instagram Captions

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You’re finally there! The City of Lights! Now you need to come up with some Las Vegas Instagram captions to avoid writing some silly post referencing “The Hangover” six times. (No judgement, I get it.)

So here are some iconic quotes to get your inspiration running whether you’re in Vegas now or will be sometime soon. Let’s see how others have talked about Sin City, to inspire your Vegas Instagram captions shall we?

“I love the vibe of Las Vegas.” – J. Balvin

“There is absolutely nothing you can’t do, see, eat or buy in Las Vegas. It is a magical wonderland where everything is possible – especially in the world of showbiz where everything feels so big, bright and spectacular.” – Arlene Phillips

“It seems strange to say this, but it is true: Coming back to Vegas to work is like going on vacation for me.” – Celine Dion

“When you get your name out there in Las Vegas and New York, that boosts your brand even more.” – Terence Crawford

“I have always loved Las Vegas. It’s a traditional place for lounge comics to perform, and I love that.” – Norm MacDonald

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“Las Vegas, Nevada: A city where oddities don’t make you lame, but instead bring you riches and fortune and fame.” – Walter Wykes

“Vegas embodies every brash, joyous cliché about the U.S. that the rest of the world hopes might be true.” – Mark Ellwood

“I don’t drink much anymore, but when I traveled with Frank Sinatra, God rest his soul, I used to drink like I could do it. He made it a test. In Vegas, the Rat Pack, which I was a little part of, drank all night and slept most of the day. Then, about 5 o’clock, we’d meet in the hotel steam room, lock the door, and steam our brains out.” – Don Rickles

“Seriously, why tour the world when all you have to do is visit Las Vegas and see all the highlights in one location?” – Jeff Maguire

“Las Vegas is the most honest fake city in the world.” – Frank Scoblete

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Investing should be more like watching paint dry or watching grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas.” – Paul Samuelson

“There’s no better place than Vegas to take a chance and gamble on love.” – Becca Kufrin

“Nevada’s one of the most conservative states in the Union, but you can do what you want in Vegas and nobody judges you.” – Drew Carey

“I love Vegas. It’s like going to Disneyland.” – Vanessa Marcil

“Las Vegas is a city built on hopes, dreams, and a little bit of crazy.” – Michael Mcdonald

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“Las Vegas honors women – Celine Dion, Bette Midler, Britney Spears. I love that Las Vegas celebrates women.” – Jennifer Coolidge

“There’s actually a song called ‘Vegas Lights,’ which I wanted to be an anthem for Vegas, that represented how I felt when I went to the clubs. I felt this weird energy where everybody was having a good time, and it didn’t matter. Dancing like nobody’s watching. It was kind of beautiful.” – Brendon Urie

In Vegas, I got into a long argument with the man at the roulette wheel over what I considered to be an odd number. – Steven Wright

“Las Vegas is the only place I know where money really talks–it says, Goodbye.” – Frank Sinatra

“Vegas is the answer, no matter the question.” – Unknown

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“I have a very warm spot in my heart for Vegas.” – Louie Anderson

“So, you know, if, if I wanted to get up and just play golf one day, I would just get up and play golf. If I wanted to go to Vegas, I would just get up and go to Vegas.” – Michael Phelps

“Las Vegas looks the way you’d imagine heaven must look at night.” – Chuck Palahniuk

“I love Vegas. God knows that I know how to find my way around the buffets in Las Vegas.” – Mick Majerus

“Guests love to be ‘wowed’ in Las Vegas. They enjoy and embrace new tastes, new flavors, and they come to expect the unexpected in Las Vegas.” – Michael Mina

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“Artie said it would be nice if we got married. I said it would be nice, too. The next thing I knew, we were on our way to Las Vegas.” – Lana Turner

“I always love going to Vegas.” – Kyle Richards

“Why can’t we remember anything that happened last night?” – “The Hangover”

“A Las Vegas show is all-round entertainment. Which means there’s some singing, some dancing, some magic, some drama – everything is rolled into that one performance.” – Ne-Yo

“When I arrived in Las Vegas, I felt I was embraced by it.” – Jerry Lewis

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“So much of Las Vegas falls under the heading “it has to be seen to be believed.” – Jeff Maguire

“I do think that people go to Las Vegas for ‘whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.’ They go for the spectacle.” – Charles Bock

“I’m probably one of the worst people with numbers you’ve ever met. My brothers always kid that they think I’m counting cards in Vegas, but I’m just trying to add things up.” – Luke Wilson

“Las Vegas is like that, a place that resonates in such a way that wouldn’t know if the place is real.” – Ian Astbury

“Yeah, Vegas is the number one place to go. Vegas is Sin City. It really gives you a feeling of looseness and anything can go.” – Jim Belushi

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“I like Vegas for its spontaneity.” – Tony Curtis

“I just love coming to Vegas. There is always a good energy here; the minute you get off the plane, it is happy.” – Kelly Carlson

“The thing I love about Vegas is there’s something for any type of mood you’re in and something for any kind of adventure you seek out.” – Christina Tosi

“It was a melting pot in Las Vegas. You got every age level, every ethnic background, every social aura – it was an absolute Americana audience… people who were there to celebrate occasions; people who were there to gamble; people who were there because they were awed by the whole Vegas operation. Tourists.” – Norm Crosby

“I usually love to go bowling when I’m in Vegas. There’s something about Vegas and bowling, do you know what I mean? You know what I mean. Bowling is just the thing to do.” – Rutina Wesley

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“Las Vegas and I both grew up together, and all of a sudden I was doing things that no performer had ever done before.” – Wayne Newton

“Vegas is my town, my people.” – Larry Johnson

“I went with a friend to see Frank Sinatra in Las Vegas, in the last year that he was performing. He wasn’t necessarily on top form, but the way he could connect with an audience and the way he communicated through the lyrics was something I hadn’t ever really seen before.” – Ron Howard

“I don’t think anyone leaves Las Vegas rejuvenated, their skin shining, their bank accounts glowing. No one leaves Vegas, like, ‘I didn’t make one mistake. That felt great. Back to work.” – Iliza Shlesinger

“No one thinks Las Vegas is real; it is illusion, but visitors willingly suspend disbelief and pretend.” – Hal Rothman

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“I really love Las Vegas. It’s, like, my favorite place to be. I love to DJ out there. It is the place to be as a DJ.” – Pauly D.

“Las Vegas is a beautiful place. I like it more and more and plan to be here often. It’s a great place for chess.” – Anatoly Karpov

“There’s really only one constant in Las Vegas and that’s change.” – Travis Hoium

“The brand of Las Vegas is adult freedom, and our campaigns reflect that brand. The ‘What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas’ is still a wildly popular slogan and lauded as one of the top tourism-related campaigns of all time.” – Heidi Hayes

“People don’t understand that Las Vegas is such a small community, beyond the tourists who visit here. If you’ve lived here for a long time, you know everybody.” – Zak Bagans

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“Vegas is famous for a lot of things, and bad marriages are one of them. Margo and I are proof that you can make this work. It just takes a little effort.” – Ron White

“But Vegas is really my first home.” – David Copperfield

“The people who say New York never sleeps must have never visited Las Vegas.” – Michelle Madow

“I shouldn’t be near Vegas and have money in my pocket.” – Adam Sandler

“That’s why I love Las Vegas – it is the ultimate place for excitement.” – Arlene Phillips

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“Las Vegas is about distraction.” – James Turrell

“Nowhere else in America is everyone really ready to get outta their minds. No pun intended, like my song. Vegas is that place.” – Lil Jon

“If you know how to live in Vegas you can have the best time.” – Tony Curtis

“With everything it has to offer, Las Vegas is an obvious destination for tourists, as proven by the over 40 million visitors the city welcomes per year.” – Jon Porter

“Vegas means comedy, tragedy, happiness and sadness all at the same time.” – Artie Lange

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“Vegas is everything that’s right with America. You can do whatever you want, 24 hours a day. They’ve effectively legalized everything there.” – Drew Carey

“There’s just no quiet in Vegas.” – Barry Manilow

“Vegas represents the idea of America I had as a kid. The big cars, the pretty girls; everything is possible in Vegas.” Joel Robuchon

“I love roller coasters that make my stomach drop. One ride in Las Vegas, the Big Shot, straps you into a row of seats and catapults you into the air from the top of the Stratosphere Tower – then plummets back down. I ride it over and over; it’s exhilarating.” – Drew Barrymore

“I love Las Vegas. I like that Las Vegas has everything. Everything and anything you want to do, you can do in Las Vegas.” – Drew Carey

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“You can take the girl out of Vegas, but you can’t take the Vegas out of the girl.” – Charisma Carpenter

“Las Vegas is a 24-hour city. It never stops.” – Eli Roth

“Las Vegas is the expression, in glitter and concrete, of America’s brittle and mutating id.” – John Burdett

“I think that Vegas is one of the wildest places I’ve ever been to. You can look to your left and there’s a drag queen getting married by Elvis, to the right there is some old bird sticking quarters into a slot machine for hours.” – Marsha Thomason

“As I’ve gotten older, I’ve wanted to represent Las Vegas more. Represent the Southwest. It’s a magical place. The desert. I do understand people’s criticisms, but it’s a magical place and a beautiful city, even though there are a lot of things that are wrong with it.” – Brandon Flowers

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“Vegas is a celebration.” – José Andrés

“Sometimes I think I need to get crazy. Go to Vegas.” – Chris Pine

“I’ve always loved it in Las Vegas, and it is the only city in the world that brings so many different talented people from so many places.” – Daniel Boulud

“For a loser, Vegas is the meanest town on earth.” – Hunter S. Thompson

“While I was busy hating Vegas, and hiding from Vegas, a funny thing happened. I grew to love Vegas.” – J. R. Moehringer

Viva Las Vegas!


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