Dream Europe Backpacking Packing List

In summer 2022, I spent five and a half weeks backpacking around Europe. Besides planning where we were going to go, what we were going to eat, and how we were going to get there, my favorite part of this pre-planning was creating my Europe backpacking packing list.  I am notorious for my packing prowess,Continue reading “Dream Europe Backpacking Packing List”

5 Tips for First Time Visitors to Ireland

Ireland is one of my favorite places on Earth—and for good reason! The moment you touch down on The Emerald Isle for your first time in Ireland, there is green as far as the eye can see. Suddenly you realize that this country earned its nickname for a reason! That said, just like visiting anyContinue reading “5 Tips for First Time Visitors to Ireland”

Last Minute Ultimate Packing List

So, you leave on vacation tomorrow (or in three hours) and you haven’t packed–let alone written a packing list. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Why else would you be reading this last-minute packing list? It’s easy to let the anxiety take over at this point. Just take a deep breath. Packing doesn’t have toContinue reading “Last Minute Ultimate Packing List”

Do Ants Bite?

What to do about it when they do! Any seasoned traveler knows that adventures can sometimes be uncomfortable. If you’re unlucky like my partner and I were on the island of Nevis, you might stumble upon a fire ant nest. So, should you bother a nest of ants, here is what to do about theContinue reading “Do Ants Bite?”

What to Pack for New York in April

Instagram would lead you to believe that everyone in New York City looks and dresses like a model. So if you’re visiting the city what the heck do you wear? Here’s a suggestion of what to pack for New York in April! (When weather is super variable) If there is one thing I can teachContinue reading “What to Pack for New York in April”

Gifts for Flight Attendants

Flight attendants, crew members, and other folks that work to ensure our flights are safe and comfortable are under appreciated and undervalued. In addition to a simple “thank you,” some people bring small tokens of appreciation to gift to their crews. So, what can you give to flight attendants? What are good gifts for flightContinue reading “Gifts for Flight Attendants”

Gifts for Airplane Lovers

Frequent travelers are always so hard to shop for, but fear not! We’ve rounded up the best gifts for airplane lovers of all kinds. There are sure to be pieces here for the special person in your heart. Steeped If your traveler is like me and drinks their weight in coffee every day but hatesContinue reading “Gifts for Airplane Lovers”

The Perfect Disney Bra

No matter how old I get, I will never stop loving Disney.  When I first went to Disney World I was 20-years-old. I was immediately taken aback by the magic, joy and wonderment. But trips to Disney aren’t all Mickey waffles and churros. There is some serious packing, planning, and executing that need to beContinue reading “The Perfect Disney Bra”

Women’s Minimalist Packing List

As we begin to see the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, some folks might be getting out of the house more often or planning future adventures. As we head back out into the world, things have changed and how we pack needs to change as well. Whether, like me, you’re a hand sanitizer user for life or you’re just looking for more ways to stay fierce at home or abroad, here are some brands you need for all your future ventures.