I Hate Bucket Lists

You read that right–I hate bucket lists. Every once in a while I’m asked to write about bucket lists. It’s a topic I see everywhere in travel media. The phrase is so overused I don’t think people think about It anymore–let alone what it actually means. Like a virus, it seeps into the very notionContinue reading “I Hate Bucket Lists”

Why Prague Should Be Your Next European Adventure

When I was growing up, Bohemia was a place of fantasy for me. I knew I was Bohemian. Still, what that meant couldn’t encompass what it felt like to be in my ancestral homeland. What was once Bohemia (with Prague at its center) became Czechoslovakia and later the Czech Republic (or Czechia.) Yet, despite allContinue reading Why Prague Should Be Your Next European Adventure

Cheapest Time to Fly to Costa Rica

So you want to enjoy the Pura Vida life in Costa Rica? I can’t blame you. Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen–hands down. But, like traveling anywhere, if you want to visit Costa Rica you’re probably wondering when the best time to visit is. Everyone loves a great deal!Continue reading “Cheapest Time to Fly to Costa Rica”

Recognize Expectations: 5 Tips on How to Ground Before You Go

The key to life is lowered expectations. While I believe this adage is helpful for social standards, I also believe adventurers can raise (or at least recognize) their own personal expectations. (Especially when traveling somewhere new.) With that in mind, here are five Covid-friendly tips I use when traveling. 1. Set your intention “Grounding beforeContinue reading “Recognize Expectations: 5 Tips on How to Ground Before You Go”

Go It Alone: U.S. Solo Travel Cities

Traveling on your own when you’re a solo female traveler can be scary. I get it. We’ve been socialized from birth to know that being on our own isn’t always ideal. But it can also be one of the most freeing experiences if you have the tools you need to succeed! Especially if you aren’tContinue reading “Go It Alone: U.S. Solo Travel Cities”

Do Ants Bite?

What to do about it when they do! Any seasoned traveler knows that adventures can sometimes be uncomfortable. If you’re unlucky like my partner and I were on the island of Nevis, you might stumble upon a fire ant nest. So, should you bother a nest of ants, here is what to do about theContinue reading “Do Ants Bite?”

Gifts for Flight Attendants

Flight attendants, crew members, and other folks that work to ensure our flights are safe and comfortable are under appreciated and undervalued. In addition to a simple “thank you,” some people bring small tokens of appreciation to gift to their crews. So, what can you give to flight attendants? What are good gifts for flightContinue reading “Gifts for Flight Attendants”

Countries Where Tattoos are Taboo

If you’ve got ink, chances are you love to show it off. I don’t blame you. I have eight tattoos so far and no plans to stop anytime soon. But there are times when I’m traveling that I am hyperaware of my body art. There are still several countries where tattoos are taboo. While youContinue reading “Countries Where Tattoos are Taboo”

Zoëtry Paraíso Protects Its Paradise

Riviera Maya is a lush destination with shimmering ocean views, thick forests, and precious reefs. Mexican environmental laws go above and beyond those of the United States to protect ecosystems such as Lake Bacalar, the world’s largest freshwater bacterial reef, known for its splendid colors. While some hotel companies try to build resorts along beachesContinue reading “Zoëtry Paraíso Protects Its Paradise”