Giselle Timothy Thomas



Giselle Timothy Thomas in an Ivy Park ensemble.

Giselle Timothy Thomas is a queer creative spirit based in Madison, Wisconsin. She is always pushing back against gender norms and conformity. She holds a BA in English from Ripon College but has a love of all the arts–especially music. Giselle made car karaoke cool before anyone knew who James Corden was.

Giselle’s wanderlust knows no bounds. She has been to every continent except Antarctica and has seen 35 countries so far. She shines brightest when she is experiencing new things in new places, especially if those places involve concert venues.

Giselle would be remiss not to mention that she is one of Beyoncé’s biggest fans (point proven in the Ivy Park ensemble). Giselle is also a huge fan of Milwaukee’s Pug Fest because how could you not love pugs?